100A 4 Pole IP65 Metal Line Switch Fuse AALS1004

The AALS range of  Line Switch Fuses are available in a variety of popular amperages from 20A up to 100A. While being compact in size, the IP65 metal enclosures still offer a generous amount of cabling space and feature solid gland plates top and bottom allowing the user to install any size glands they wish. Hinged, removable doors allowing for ease of access during installation and come as standard across the range.

All enclosures in the range offer high levels of security with lockable doors, pad lockable handles and the inability for the door to be opened when the switch is in the “On” position. 
Our Fuse Switches come complete with Fuses.

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If you require a larger enclosure or higher amperage please click here to view our HD Range of Line Switch Fuses Featuring ABB Switch Technology.

Switch Gear
Part Number AALS1004
Material Metal
IP Rating IP65
Amps 100A
Pole 4 Pole
kA Rating N/A
Fuse LFN22G100
Cable Size 50mm IN / 50mm OUT
Bolt Size Screw T.
Torque Setting 2.5Nm IN / 4.5 OUT
Height (mm) 500mm
Width (mm) 300mm
Depth (mm) 200mm
Palm Width N/A
On Load (AC) AC23
BSEN BSEN 60947-3

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