Environment Policy

At Protek we recognise our impact on the environment and have begun to identify and limit that impact. A summary can be found here:

Business Focused Items


  • Operate car sharing policy when visiting clients when possible
  • The consideration to use trains for long distance travel within the UK and Europe
  • To adhere to relevant building regulations and environmental legislation
  • Move towards a reduced use of paper and use of recycled paper
  • Use of video and telephone conferences to avoid long distance travel when appropriate

General Objectives

  • To recycle paper, plastic, glass and natural waste in conjunction with local authority and commercial recycling schemes that are available
  • To ensure all electricity used by the office is not wasted through unnecessary use

Future Operational Development

  • To replace existing light fittings with energy efficient light fittings
  • To seek renewable or green tariffs/suppliers for energy such as gas and electricity
  • To explore and consider decentralised energy solutions with future business development
  • To consider replacing business vehicles with more economical and environmentally friendly alternatives
  • To consider EMAS or ISO 14001 accreditation in the future Commitment to the above policy will be demonstrated by regular review of improvement plans