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As you will have now noticed the prices of our products have been removed from our website until you register and login. Registering and logging in not only allows you to see up to date pricing but will also mean you receive any special offers and promotions.

If you are unsure how to register then you can call us on 01543 467575 and ask to speak to Oliver who will create an account for you. A few details will be required to complete registration such as;

  • A valid email address.
  • A password you can remember.
  • The name, address and telephone number of the wholesaler you are calling from.

With this information we are able to get your account set up. Please use an email address and password that you and your colleagues are able to remember when logging in.

Alternatively you can register an account yourself the process of which we will guide you through below;

  • At the top of our web page you will see the button My Account click here
  • A menu will appear. Click the menu option Register as shown below.

  • The page will change and you will be asked to fill in various details. These details are all relevant to you as a wholesaler so please fill them in accordingly. Fields marked with a * are required and can not be skipped.
    Ensure you use your branch email address or an email address you all have access to. When choosing a password make sure it is one that is easy to remember, the password can be changed at a later date if you wish.

  • Once you have filled in the details and read the Privacy Policy put a tick in the "I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy" and the click Continue. As shown below.

  • You will now see confirmation that your account has been created as shown below. At this point we activate your account which normally takes 5 minutes. You are then free to log in and view up to date prices and promotions.

If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact us.

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