Automatic Changeover Switches

Auto-Changeover panels are used when essential wherever power has to be maintained.There are many instances when this is necessary.To ensure people’s safety at work or in public spaces, maintain essential supplies to a vital process or hospitals/medical centres. A fast and efficient transfer of power from the main source to a secondary source is vital. This is where Protek’s range of Auto-Changeover panels come into their own.

Protek offers two types of Auto-Changeover panels. Mains to Mains where two Mains supplies are available or Mains to Generator where the secondary supply is provided by a generator.These units are available in both single phase or three phase and in the case of the generator unit a battery charge supply is available. The single phase units are available in 40A to 160A whereas the three phase units are available in current ratings from 40A to 250A.

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