With Life Safety Systems becoming increasingly more important in the UK, Protek is pleased to be able to offer a range of compact and affordable Life Safety ATS units.

The implementation of Life Safety Systems aims to guarantee the safety of individuals during emergency situations by facilitating evacuation and providing access to essential services such as lifts, emergency & exit lighting, and fire alarms. Maintaining a reliable power supply to ensure people’s safety in public spaces or during essential processes is crucial. In case of a power loss, the ATS automatically switches to a secondary power source, such as a generator or alternative source. Protek’s Life Safety ATS range feature a bypass function which allows for isolation by diverting the supply directly through to the outgoing load. This enables crucial maintenance operations to be carried out in compliance with life safety recommendations. In the event of an emergency or testing situation, a manual handle is accessible by opening the door providing for a safe and convenient source transfer, whether it be electrical or non-electrical.

The ATS device is housed in a sturdy, wall mountable, fully welded metal IP40 enclosure featuring removable gland plates top & bottom and is finished in a tough RAL 7035W powder coating. The hinged door has status indication LEDs mounted upon it and features a double-bit insert polyamide lock for security.

The ATS device ensures full enclosure of all current-carrying parts, eliminating exposed wiring and offering protection against direct contact. Proteks Life Safety ATS units are suitable for network/network and network/genset applications and feature configurable transfer and back-switching delays and adjustable over and under-voltage thresholds.


Features and Benefits  


  • Designed and built in the UK to BS EN 60947-6-1
  • Complies with BS EN 9999
  • Complies with BS EN 8519 **
  • IP40 Sheet steel enclosure
  • RAL 7035W Powder coating
  • Galvanized steel mounting plate
  • Fully welded construction
  • Foamed-in door PU sealing gasket
  • Solid top and bottom gland plates with PE gasket
  • 5mm Double-bit insert polyamide lock
  • Wall mountable
  • Easy install
  • Door mounted LED indicators


  • Single and Three Phase ATS
  • Rated at 230V or 400V AC
  • Bypass function allows for isolation
  • Automatic switching on power source failure
  • Motorised changeover
  • Can be used in manual mode if required
  • Network/network and network/genset
  • Terminal shrouds supplied
  • Parallel connecting kit available
  • Adjustable back-switching delay
  • Adjustable transfer threshold delay
  • Auxiliary contacts available
  • Adjustable over and under-voltage thresholds
  • ATS device pad lockable when handle removed

** Single or Dual-line bypass are not available for Protek Life Safety ATS

Manual Operation Overview (Handle or Front Panel)

On Device LED Display