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11 Jun Protek Electronics - New Product Guide 2024
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Our latest Product Guide is now live and can be used in conjunction with our latest Price List. Copies are available for download via the links below, or on request from our office on 01543 467575.Our brand new Product Guide incorporates our standard stock and built to order products highlighted below; and also features our New Design Three Phase B..
11 Jun Protek Electronics - New Price List 2024
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Our latest Price List is now live and can be used in conjunction with our latest Product Guide. Copies are available for download via the links below, or on request from our office on 01543 467575.We are proud to release our updated price list, and in an ever changing environment where costs are continuing to rise, we are pleased to be able to hold..
14 Jun Protek Electronics - Life Safety Automatic Changeover Switches
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IntroductionWith Life Safety Systems becoming increasingly more important in the UK, Protek is pleased to be able to offer a range of compact and affordable Life Safety ATS units.The implementation of Life Safety Systems aims to guarantee the safety of individuals during emergency situations by facilitating evacuation and providing access to essent..
08 Jun Protek Electronics - Enclosed Automatic Changeover Switches
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Automatic Changeover Switches are vital in situations where an uninterrupted power supply is critical to maintain the continuity of essential processes. In this regard, Protek’s SCO Automatic Changeover Switches are equipped with a contactor changeover system that can operate in either 2 pole or 4 pole. These changeover switches are rated at 230V o..
03 Apr Protek Electronics - Three Phase B Type Boards
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Introduction Protek Electronics original ‘Titan’ series of three phase boards are still widely regarded as one of the most durable and configurable available in the UK market place today. Building on the strength of the ‘Titan’ series, Protek have now re-designed the original board to meet todays ever increasing demands. Available in 125A or 250A ..
10 Mar Protek Electronics - Switchgear Catalogue
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The Protek Electronics Switchgear catalogue is now available for download.This catalogue covers the vast range of Isolators, Switched Fuses, Fused Switch, Manual Changeover and Busbar Chambers that Protek are able to offer from stock.Whilst offering more in depth information about each product, the catalogue also offers guidance as to the technical..
07 Mar Protek Electronics - AFDD's Now Available
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Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDD) Arcs are visible plasma discharges caused by electrical current passing through a normally nonconductive medium. This is caused when the electrical current ionizes gases in the air. Temperatures created in this instance are sufficient to start a fire and cause extensive damage. What Causes Arcs? An arc is cre..
30 Jan Protek Electronics - A New Generation of Switchboards
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A New Generation of SwitchboardFeatures:50kA for 1 secondForm 4b Type 6 IP54Three incomer unit ratings 800A, 1250A or 1600ASingle or double sided arrangementsSP&N, TP&N or Four Pole devicesCable entry bottom or topOutgoing device rating 16A up to 630AUp to 14 x E160 TP MCCBs & Neutral link per stackAccommodates metering and surge protectionManufact..
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