12 Way 3 Phase Board Incomer Not Included (250A) TP12-250

125A and 250A rated metal IP3X three phase boards designed and manufactured in the UK. Fully compatible with Protek devices, meter and SPD kits.

‘B’ Type Board Features

  • Powder coated epoxy finish RAL7035
  • Lockable and removable door
  • 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 and 24 three phase ways
  • Fully rated 125A or 250A busbars
  • Full length earth and neutral bars both sides allowing RCBOs and AFDDs to be fitted anywhere inside the board
  • Raised, removable and slotted pan assembly to facilitate easy wiring
  • Removable gland plates top and bottom
  • Isolator, MCCB, RCBO and RCD incoming kits available
  • 160A+ incomers and above come complete with cable extension box
  • Accepts Proteks range of HDMCB, RCBO, SRCBO and AFDD devices
  • Proteks 100A link allows 80A and 100A MCBs to be fitted as outgoers which are supplied as a kit
  • Accepts Proteks range of busbar shrouds
  • 18th edition ready. Surge protection kits fit internally without losing outgoing ways
  • Meter kits are available for both incoming and outgoing ways
  • Cable boxes and accessory boxes are available

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