6A 'C' Curve 30mA 1 Module 10kA RCBO RCBO1-30/C06

  • Brand: Protek UK
  • Product Code: RCBO1-30/C06

Protek's single module RCBOs are available in B or C curve. Protek's RCDs are Type AC.

The RCBO's are rated at 10kA and, as with the MCBs from which it was developed, it has Positive Contact Indication.

Tripping is ensured for residual sinusoidal current alternating currents whether the fault is suddenly applied or is a slow rising fault.

To offer this degree of protection the RCD elemt of the device must have a sensitivity or 30mA or less and must trip out with a sinsoidal current of 150A in less than 40mS.

Part Number RCBO1-30/C06
Amps 6
Pole 1
Required Module Space 1
Curve C
Max Fault Current 10kA
Trip 30mA
Height (mm) 118.5
Width (mm) 18
Depth (mm) 66.5

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