Fully Adjustable 125A 3 Phase RCBO with Metal Enclosure RCBO3-125TSM

  • Brand: Protek UK
  • Product Code: RCBO3-125TSM
  • Powder Coated Epoxy Resin Finish RAL 2002
  • Designed in the UK to BS EN 60439-3 1991
  • Manufactured and tested to BS EN 60439 parts 1 & 2
  • Degree of protection IP30 to BS EN 60529
  • Blank gland plates for ease of installation
  • Key hole slots for ease of fixing
  • Fully adjustable current setting of MCCB
  • Fully adjustable trip current setting 30mA, 50mA, 100mA, 300mA, 500mA
  • Adjustable time setting for trip 2mS, 33mS, 0.5S, 1.5S, 3S and 55


  • Designed and built in UK
  • Nine current ratings with adjustable current settings
  • Two enclosure sizes with optional cable spreader boxes
  • Blank gland plates top and bottom
  • Variable tripping currents from 30mA up to 500mA
  • Adjustable time settings 2mS to 5s


  • UK help desk for any problems
  • Protection for any three phase circuit from 40A to 800A
  • Ample cabling space
  • Glanding made easier no knockouts to avoid
  • Protect domestic, industrial and agricultural sites
  • Guarantee discrimination with RCDs down stream

GRP enclosed version for TT systems available

RCBO-3 Phase
Part Number RCBO3-125TSM
Amps 125A
Pole 4
Adjustable Trip Current 30mA to 3A
Adjustable Trip Time 0 TO 5 Seconds
Max Fault Current 16kA
IP Rating IP40
Material Mixed
Height (mm) 500
Width (mm) 460
Depth (mm) 115

Tags: Adjustable, 125A, 3 Phase, RCBO, Enclosure, 4 Pole, IP40, Metal,

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