HDMCB Locking Device Padlock Not Included HDMCB-LOCK

Locking device designed for use with our range of HDMCB. Can be used to lock in the "On" or "Off" Position.

Padlock not included.

1) Locate HDMCB switch into desired position. Pay attention to location groove and holes either side of HDMCB.

2) Pull center lever of HDMCB Lock down.

3) Squeeze pins A and B together.

4) Locate pins into holes shown (C)

5) When correctly fitted lock should sit flush either side as shown.

6) When pins are located move center lever up until locked into place.

We strongly advise the use of a padlock for complete security. 

Tags: HDMCB, Lock, Security, HDMCB Auxiliary,

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